Asbestos Awareness Courses in Dorset

It is well documented that Asbestos is the largest cause of work related deaths in the UK. As such there is a requirement that all employers who have staff that may come into contact or into close proximity with asbestos must attend asbestos awareness training at least once a year.

The Asbestos Awareness courses is about making sure delegates attending, understand the dangers of Asbestos and covers how to recognise it and how to work safely in order to avoid exposure to Asbestos.

The Asbestos awareness course is relevant to you if you are involved in any of the following activities; Buildings maintenance or refurbishments, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Demolition, Roofing, Telecommunication Engineers, Burglar or Fire alarm installers (plus many other trades) you face a higher risk of coming into contact with Asbestos as any building constructed before the year 2000 may contain Asbestos.

Asbestos awareness courses are generally run at a client’s premises or on site in a training course lasting half a day, with up to 15 delegates being able to attend a course.

To be eligible to attend the course you must be able to understand spoken English & on completing the course each delegate will receive a certificate valid for one year.
This course is not suitable for operatives who remove Asbestos.

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